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Salient is Business Sustainability Talent acquisition Corporate Culture Social Responsibility

Tailored for Public Listed Company

What is Salient sustainability?

It is the first of its kind program tailored for Malaysia’s public listed companies to proactively spearhead the engagement and communication of sustainability measures in their corporate strategy.

Leveraging on our experience of marketing for B2Bs since 2005, this program is our vehicle to drive business awareness and action in support of achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Business Sustainability

Sustainable companies deliver significant positive financial performance, and investors are beginning to value them more highly.

Talent acquisition

Being sustainable is important when it comes to attracting talent.

Corporate Culture

21st century employees are focusing more on mission, purpose, and work-life balance.

Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility gives companies a way to benefit the community, and it provides a bridge between the business and nonprofit sectors.

Why Salient is important to PLC


Establish positive brand image and nurture goodwill


Improve risk management, ESG and financial performance


Better employee recruitment and retention


Create new opportunities and expand into existing ones


Meet consumer demands and build customer loyalty


Boost company morale and motivation

Envisioning Salient.

Salient Sustainability is your best tool to attract new investors, engage employees and build credibility with your stakeholders. We work alongside your team to bring your impact to life through digital experience and intuitive storytelling.

We want the power of sustainability to do more than step up your competitive edge. We hope that Salient Sustainability empowers you to inspire and lead change in others.