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We cement a stronger brand identity
to widen your reach.

What is Valient Marketing?

It is a cost-effective program tailored for Malaysia’s small and medium companies to assist their sales team, and ultimately their business, to spur ahead of their competitors.

First impressions matter, and a company’s online presence is often its first opportunity to engage with customers. Valiant Marketing works hand-in-hand with your existing marketing initiatives for organic growth that can propel your company forward.

Digital Presence

Valiant Marketing zooms in on channels which suits you best for better ranking on search engines and better visibility on social media.

Campaign planning

We plan a short-term integrated communications plan to generate lead or sales.
Its purpose is to engage audiences. Valiant Marketing focuses on content and integrating them into a carefully thought-out schedule.

Visual design

We create a series of branded media with a unified look and feel across assets. Each piece of visual content should be able to stand on its own, and may have a more targeted or specific goal than the campaign as a whole.

Social shares

We broadcast the campaign on social network from connections, groups, to specific individuals. One of the primary aims of Valiant Marketing is to generate brand awareness by leveraging on an existing audience to share content.

What you can achieve

Envisioning Valiant.

For B2B companies, digital marketing is the best strategy to drive sales, business development and branding. To this end, Valiant Marketing focuses on strengthening your online presence by utilising suitable digital marketing channels to communicate with your audience and improve your site’s search results.